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About Us

Marcom Electronic Components UK Ltd was established in 1999 to Specialise in the sales and Marketing of EMI/EMC components and materials. Following on from a successful 4 years of growth a new division to specialise in Anti-vibration materials and Components was established in 2003. In 2004 a Benelux office was established to support Sales and Marketing in Benelux, France, and Germany. ISO 9001 was awarded in 2005 and subsequently maintained to this day. Further sales offices in Australia, Taiwan and Singapore have also been established. During 2008 Amec Thermasol Division was formed to specialise in Thermal Control materials and Components. All 3 division are now well established and supplying customers globally and help maintain a constant growth.

MEC - EMC / EMI Materials & Components

We offer a wide range of EMC, Anti-Vibration, Thermal Interface Materials and Plastic Electrical Components. Our product range consists for: Ferrite Cores, Split Ferrite Cores, Wound Beads, Ferrite Plates, Grounding Clamps, Ferrite Inductor Beads, Wound Inductors, AV Grommets and much more.

Gelmec - Anti-Vibration Materials & Components

Gelmecs special soft gel range of vibration damping materials are ideal for isolating loads of 100g+ including broad temperature and MILSPEC applications. Advanced high damping thermoplastic and urethane materials can also outperform traditional rubber solutions. We also have thermally conductive gels and filler pads for high power or narrow space thermal problems.

For your vibration testing we can supply samples for vibration damping, noise control, shock isolation and cushioning impact problems. Our grommet, stud mount and sheet isolation solutions are suitable for PCBs, HDDs, fans, on-board computers and other sensitive equipment.

AMEC Thermasol - Thermal Control Materials & Components

As each new generation of electronic equipment exhibits higher performance into ever smaller packages, the need for dissipating power in the form of heat grows ever more demanding and requires some degree of thermal management.

AMEC Thermasol markets a comprehensive range of Thermal Management Materials, our products include thermally conductive pads / insulators and gap fillers, thermally conductive adhesive tapes, phase change interface materials and graphite foil.

AMC Acoustics - Acoustic / Vibration Control Materials & Components

We are suppliers of acoustic noise and vibration control components for the building industry and for mounting heavy duty machinery. Approved document E of the building regulations (2000) came into force July 1st 2003. It has been implemented to combat noise pollution from neighbouring establishments, the regulation sets out standards for insulation of internal walls and floors. Our construction range products are particularly suitable in high demanding areas such as public bars, restaurants, night clubs, transport etc where low frequencies are predominant. In addition to our construction range we also offer anti-vibration mounts for heavy industrial machinery. Suitable for loads from 20 kilos up to 10,000+ kilos.

MEC Fasteners - Specialist Fasteners

MEC Fasteners has been established as specialist Plastic Fasteners division of MEC group. MEC group was formed in 1999 and is certified to ISO 9001. MEC Fasteners stocks a comprehensive range of products and can provide Kanban and a JIT services. Buffer stock agreements also possible. Ferromec can supply globally with support offices in main land Europe and Asia.